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Art defines our culture

A selection of my favourite art


Fernannd Khnopff

Quiet Beauty

Walking away from the Nachtwacht I saw this little painting by Fernand Edmond Jean Marie Khnopff (12 September 1858 – 12 November 1921), a painter whom I not so much as heard the name of.
It portrays  Maria Francisca Louisa Dommer van Poldersveldt (Ubbergen 1848 - 1925 ’s-Hertogenbosch) and apart from her name it's difficult to find out more. Who was she? Could she play the piano? What did she play? What is the look on her face? What is thinking of? 


A Master of light, playing with darkness.


We know Rembrandt as the Master of Large, his most famous painitng was even cropped so it would fit where his employers would like it. But he has also created many small etchings for which he developed his own techniques. This picture of a reading woman is just 12x10 cm, and my foto a poor replica. Still, the atttention this woman pays to her book is perfectly captured and one isleft wondering what she is reading


A Landscape

It leaves one speechless with how few strokes this landscape is made. A peaceful moment, talking to a friend.


Reading Girl

Very graphic, mostly in sober black and white, Jan Toorop's art. The picture above, a girl reading, lost inn another world, the boundary between the worlds unclear and flexible. That is what a good book does.



In the same graphic way, two women, in 1927 (when this picture was made) easily recognised as nuns, today we may see two women wearing a hijab. But look away from the garments and see the face: Open, yes, curious, interested, outwards.

William Turner

23 April 1775 – 19 December 1851
Known for his large collection of oilpaintings, I like his watercolours better and this one is  my favourite.
No words necessary.